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Bono said he started smoking again

Although his band tour was cancelled due to an emergency back operation at the end of last month, U2's avant-garde Bono had lunch with a friend at the African Queen's restaurant during the holiday. U2's leader said he started smoking again.

In the past two months, while preparing for a world tour, the pop star suffered a back injury in an accident and claimed that he was getting into nicotine habit again because of boredom. Bono, who performed for the first time in Italy two weeks ago after surgery, said: "when you lie like that, one thing you can do is write, so I wrote. At a recent Italian concert, he said: "the past, the present and I are very suitable for the future. "This band is like a family. I am a prodigal. I want to thank my brothers for their patience. " Bono was advised to quit smoking in the late 1990s after a serious sinusitis infection, but in 2003, doctors saw him smoking again, and later in order to be healthier, he quit smoking again. Cheap camel cigarettes Cheap camel smoke - it sounds like the Holy Grail of the devotees of this very popular upscale brand. In New York City, the price of a pack of premium cigarettes is now about $7.50 a pack. About $3 of that comes from state and local taxes, which is the beginning of the good news.

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